Authentum’s proprietary processes, including our validated assessment system BASIS©, will express how your people choose to perform in models that give you QUICK, PRECISE and PREDICTIVE information highlighting paths to drive your business,  without sacrificing engagement.  This results in sustainable Engaged Productivity™.

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See how our clients feel about Engaged Productivity™ models


One 20-min survey can help you
drive your business and predict HR needs

“In less than a day, the models uncovered more about our tendencies, habits and go-to strategies under stress than we were conscious of – in real business context.
The immediate tweaks for this deeper awareness showed up in nearly every aspect of our strategic goals and our development needs.  This kind of awareness is critical in prompting thoughtful and intentional positive change, and it very obviously gives deep insights to managing the pressures that cause stress.”

Craig Stanton, JD, MA, PCC
Director & Executive Coach, Behavioral Health Unit


Measure business mindsets in your people
that underpin daily performance

“Understanding business mindsets in yourself and others  is more than just self awareness, these are strengths that can be immediately leveraged for business growth.
I saw others’ strengths  as a complement to mine in a  model that underpinned real business decisions,   Simple and brilliant.  I have a ‘language’  to move my business  through crisis, using authentic strengths and I know that I made some decisions in leading my business  that I may never have made before BASIS©”

Sherri Fisher, MAPP, MEd,
Director, Learn & Flourish, LLC


Dynamically translate strengths
through change and rising pressure

“Observing the outcomes of an urgent business decision as the model’s behavioral predictions played out made me wish I could’ve had information like this earlier.
We do not have a formal HR department, but employee engagement is as vital to us as any entity. Using BASIS© to predict each individual’s strengths, weaknesses and stress points is like having a bulletproof vest – it allows us to model operational decisions in advance of the inevitable cycles of business crisis.  Our people and our business may both thrive, even in our most vulnerable moments.  
As we have furthered our use and understanding of the nuances of BASIS©, it has become our de facto HR department.” 

B. Lindley, COO
The Kelley Group, Inc