Behavioral Due Diligence
For Equity Partners

Predict how people work under pressure. Bet on the outcome.

Go Beyond Personality Testing

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Predicting business behavior means knowing the cheat codes for investing and hiring into those investments

Coach Through

Knowing how and when people get stuck is an opportunity to use our playbooks for navigating change.

Mitigate Investment

Just like financial due diligence, know in advance what warning signs appear that might not show up on a balance sheet.

Fund Managers struggle with:

  • Fund failure due to turnover
  • Founder’s Syndrome
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring
  • Maximizing Engagement and Productivity

You are not alone.

In the high-stakes game of equity capital investment, successful firms must strategically place their bets on the right teams and companies to stay ahead of the competition. 

Utilizing behavioral due diligence is like holding the ultimate trump card, providing equity investment groups with unparalleled insights into the true potential of the teams they invest in.

To achieve success in this fast-paced game, an equity firm must master the following critical aspects, and behavioral due diligence can play a vital role in setting them up for victory:

• Identifying winning teams: In the VC/PE arena, betting on the right team can make or break an investment. With behavioral due diligence, any equity firm can see beyond superficial appearances and unlock the hidden dynamics that drive a team’s success, ensuring they back the true champions in the race.

• Minimizing risks: Every gamble comes with inherent risks, but an equity investment firm can better understand and mitigate potential pitfalls with behavioral due diligence. By unveiling red flags early on, they can adjust their strategy and avoid costly missteps, keeping their hand strong throughout the game.

• Maximizing returns: To come out on top, an equity investment firm must ensure its investments yield the highest possible returns. By utilizing behavioral due diligence to identify high-performing teams, they can increase the odds of successful exits and boost their winnings.

• Outsmarting the competition: In the cutthroat world of venture capital, having an edge over rival firms can be the difference between victory and defeat. By incorporating behavioral due diligence into their investment strategy, a VC firm can gain a competitive advantage, positioning themselves as innovative players.

• Building a winning reputation: Success breeds success, and any equity firm that consistently backs winning teams will attract the best deals, partners, and entrepreneurs. By leveraging behavioral due diligence to refine their investment approach, an equity firm can build a winning reputation that sets them apart in the industry.

In this high-stakes game, the power of behavioral due diligence cannot be underestimated. By wielding this secret weapon, equity investment firms can enhance their ability to identify winning teams, minimize risks, maximize returns, outsmart the competition, and build a formidable reputation, ultimately securing their place at the top of the leaderboard.

Investing In Your Human Capital

Beyond Personality Testing

Most assessments are one dimensional and framed as a personal internal assessment of skills or emotions.

BASIS has that element but is uniquely focused on how people behave in a work environment and factors in how they behave under changing and stressful circumstances that are unavoidable in a business environment.

Bespoke Team Reporting

Every team is different and there is no one-size-fits-all assessment or process. 

Our approach diverges from the DIY aspect of most programs and focuses on the composition of each unique team.

Ultimately the culture a team has is one that changes from event to event. Know your people to ensure long term success.

Playbook for Success

Beyond assessments, the way in which a team is coached and guided through every challenge is the secret sauce to success.

Communications, procedures, expectations and accountability planning are all critical in executing a corporate playbook.

Your competition has a plan and operating without one is a recipe for disaster.

We Get It - Investing in Humans is Hard

Over and over we have been told that humans can’t be predicted. The status quo of human resources is to attempt to control behavior in order to maximize productivity. Even with the best of intentions to build inclusive cultures, these systems fail to consider how human capital actually works, at work.

For more than 20 years, Authentum has worked with a wide range of companies to help assess and implement programs that break the status quo and provide a framework to go beyond the normal operations manual. This challenge happens at every level of leadership and requires expertise, patience and belief. Our program has been designed to take that effort off of your plate and open up a world of opportunity that wasn’t visible before.

Beyond Personality Testing

Simple personality tests are great, we use them all the time. However they leave a firm decidedly short when it comes to a full 360 view of who you are investing in as business operators.

BASIS© is designed specifically for businesses, takes a more comprehensive view of the workplace, and focuses on employee engagement and well-being. This makes it a more robust and valuable tool for companies looking to improve their performance and create a better work environment.

Here's Why:

01 - Under Pressure

Predicting and managing behavior under pressure: BASIS© is unique because it can predict how people might act when they’re under stress or pressure. By understanding how individuals and teams change in these situations, companies can better manage and support them during difficult times, helping to maintain productivity and a positive work environment even when things get tough.

02 - Focus on Business First

BASIS© is designed specifically for the business world, looking at work behaviors and skills that are important for success at work. Typical personality tests might not be as focused on the workplace.

03 - Systemic Thinking

Unlike regular personality tests, BASIS© takes into account how all the parts of a company work together. This helps businesses understand the bigger picture and find ways to improve overall performance

04 - Dynamic and Adaptable

BASIS© is more flexible than a typical personality test because it can adapt to changing business needs and situations. It doesn’t just give fixed results, but helps to understand how people might change and grow with the company.

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