What do we get?

In order for the systems information to work for your organization and for your people,

BASIS can model your Engaged Productivity:

BASIS™, our patented assessment system, models ‘how’ your employees engage in business productivity.  Using a 20-min survey to capture the business mindsets that underpin individuals’ performance decisions, we can aggregate that information into the key relationships and the teams that drive any part of your business, creating systems-based models of Engaged Productivity™.


Let us help you create your Engaged Productivity™ model that will show you:


  • How individuals’ business mindsets highlight unique performance paths toward your organization’s ideal leadership models and employee development.
  • How your changing strategic business priorities can be addressed in strengths-based ways, individually and in teams.
  • How productivity may transition smoothly through pressure and predictable crisis points.
  • How your recruiting process can source ‘for’ the culture, rather than ‘to’ the culture.
  • How to respond to engagement survey findings to affect engagement in performance.
  • How your diversity/wellness/change initiatives are impacting business performance.
    And more… all from one survey!!


HR is typically organized in silos.  Each with an activity that is hard to translate directly into the performance, now.  ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Why’ and prescriptive ‘How’ to perform.  BASIS shows engaged productivity models for individuals and teams, giving voice to each employee to determine a deeper context of a descriptive ‘How’ these people would engage in the productivity.

Understand the direct impact to performance and the dynamic ways in which systems information can predict the future…  and crisis…  and pressure…


We know this is confusing.  Pick a key project.  Pick the level in the organization.  Start there.

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