Healthy choices cannot thrive in an unfair environment.
Wellness begins when personal and operational well-being are fairly linked.

When working ‘well’ comes at the expense of wellness working – business and behaviors will  suffer.  For an organization to thrive, it will enable a fair environment with engaging paths to organizational well-being that do not sacrifice personal well-being.

You’ve told us your wellness campaigns are meant to offer your employees healthy choices that engage mental and physical well-being – in ways that mitigate stress and incite mindfulness in higher levels of performance.

Well…  We know that the yin-yang relationship between individual choices and organizational results will break, over time, unless the needs of both perspectives can be met fairly and measurably.  Let’s start there.

See [below] the Benefits of using BASIS… [with Wellness programs]

Harness Authenticity:

Drive the Momentum:

Overcome Inertia:

  • Construct likely performance models – for each individual, key relationship and team – from the unique business mindsets that underpin every decision at work and frame the authentic culture at every level of your  organization
  • Honor diverse mindsets in performance preferences that map to current business goals and predict the needs for the next phase of your business, in ways that highlight potential pressure points inside your organization
  • Source and Recruit for the actual gaps in authentic capabilities, building a workforce that may perform closer to their collective, natural strengths, lessening pressures that produce stress
  • Expand learning and development to foster constructive conflict in support of authentic collaboration, and to promote a deeper self awareness of unconscious choices that produce unhealthy results at work
  • Create transformative processes and transparent communication to support timely transitions of the business, rather than changes that may be thrust upon the workforce, inciting pressure
  • Predict how rising pressure at work will impact the decisions of individuals and teams in fostering engagement in wellness, as they stay productive
    [Mitigate crises before you reach them]
  • Show your people how to use their BASIS profiles to make 
choices, in every aspect of their work, to be productive in  ways that do not sacrifice their own engagement