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Engagement & Productivity: What if you didn’t have to choose?

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Engagement and Productivity are a difficult and delicate balance. Working to improve one, does not necessarily improve the other – at least, sustainably. It can be so difficult to translate the different ‘languages’ of traditional assessment tools, activities and development outcomes into every task and every working relationship – every moment of every day – […]

If Culture eats Strategy for breakfast – Let’s make it a balanced meal

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 As it stands, breakfast really isn’t a bad analogy.  There seem to be as many ‘brands’ of culture as there are breakfast cereals.  Are you hoping to describe your organizational culture as Irresistible?  Humanistic?  Purposeful?  Happy? …Some other (mostly) ‘people-centered’ word?  Or, would you say Innovative?  Customer Service?  LEAN?  Collaborative? …Another (sort of) ‘process-oriented’ description? […]

A Declaration of Your Independence

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A Revolutionary Look at Engagement in Productivity –  Free yourself from broad definitions of engagement and misguided attempts to attain and sustain employee engagement in productivity.      In the course of human events, we have reached a moment when every corporate citizen may abolish the establishment of absolute tyranny over the state of your […]