Sourcing ‘to’ your culture brings more of the same.
Recruiting ‘for’ the authentic culture’s needs – brings something more.

Insufficient sourcing and recruiting activities will risk productivity, increase stress and decrease company-wide engagement, over time.  Your next business requires a next-level acquisition program.

You’ve told us that your talent acquisition program must build the next phase of your business, with tools to assess new capabilities for changing business needs.

Well…  We know that only an assessment system can predict potential capabilities in sourcing, personalize the orientation of recruits and transform the current workforce, authentically, in these transitions.  Let’s start there.

See [below] the Benefits of using BASIS… [with Recruiting programs] 

Harness Authenticity:

Drive the Momentum:

Overcome Inertia:

  • Construct likely performance models – for each individual, key relationship and team – from the unique business mindsets that underpin every decision at work and frame the actual talent needs to serve the authentic culture, at every level of your  organization 
  • Honor diverse mindsets in performance preferences that map to current business goals and predict the real recruiting needs for the next phase of your business, timely enough for proper sourcing
  • Source and Recruit for actual gaps in authentic capabilities, to build a more diverse workforce
  • Expand existing development activities for diverse recruits and to include approaches to constructive conflict that serves the ‘fit’ for engaged productivity
  • Create transformative processes and transparent communication to serve both the sourcing and the development needs, in order to build company-wide authentic strengths in meaningful ways
  • Predict how rising pressure at work will impact the decisions of individuals and teams that include diverse recruits, as they stay productive.
    [Mitigate crises before you reach them]
  • Show your people how to use their BASIS profiles to make 
choices, in their orientation and in every aspect of their work, to foster diversity in 
productivity, without sacrificing their own engagement