Our System

Business and Attitude Styles Information System


Harnessing the Momentum of Authenticity, our validated assessment system
creates a dashboard-like view of company-wide
Engaged Productivity™

From one, 20 min survey,
for each individual, we:

  • Measure strengths-based preferences that underpin
    every decision made in performance
  • Map these descriptions to key tasks and relationships
    in business language
  • Describe how pressure will likely impact
    their decisions in performance

We aggregate this individual,
systems-based data:

  • From individuals to relationships to teams,
    over and over, as needed
  • To give voice to the authentic needs of your people
    in translatable business language
  • For a transparent, common language for feedback
    and to drive the business

Our robust database works
from many angles, at all levels:

  • We can create, not one report, but a series of
    authentic culture models
  • We generate paths to success, even through change,
    at all levels
  • We predict future business needs, through your people,
    without sacrificing engagement

The yin/yang relationship between individuals and an organization,

requires fair and measurable consideration of the needs from both perspectives…

…so that business may flourish for the impact of flourishing individuals.”

-­‐ Pamela Teagarden, in describing her view of Positive Business