Our Approach

We don’t just leave you with a roadmap.  We create a [GPS-like] system. 

We believe technology must play a key role in leveraging
the company-wide engagement of your people to influence the dynamic productivity needs in your business.
It doesn’t matter what size your business is or which tools and activities you are using to develop your people or your business.

We know that measuring the performance mindsets of your people as models of Engaged Productivity™, in the systems language of business,
will deepen the impact of your current business/HR activities, attach the outcomes more directly to your bottom line
and sustain your results, over time – even under pressure.

Our Engaged Productivity™ Process

Analyze key business outcomes

We begin with a conversation to identify your needs, including those related to your current projects (see examples below this chart).  We link our systems information into your existing strategy – for deeper, more sustainable outcomes that impact productivity and engagement, simultaneously.

1. Input

We work with you to identify the initial participants.  We design and send project-specific email invitations, including individually-secured links to our proprietary survey.  Our validated assessment provides an opportunity for each participant to intentionally order the mindsets that underpin his/her performance, for use in the models of Engaged Productivity created to best serve your project and/or your organization.  (We know that survey fatigue is real, so we have a number of options for you to consider.)

2. Aggregate

You tell us how to parse the results into unique models of your individuals, key relationships, teams, and/or business units in order to create a dashboard-like view of how your organization, at every level, chooses to engage in their work.

3. Map

In line with your unique needs, we map the results to your key business outcomes.  We highlight paths to engage your people in driving your business and to smoothly transition through predictable crises, in times of rising pressure.  We can then design a communication strategy that supports your people in their understanding and their use of the systems language to positively impact their daily performance.  We may add to your existing activities, design new workshops, create elearning/newsletters, etc… as needed to achieve results.

4. Support

To support and sustain Engaged Productivity in your organization, we will debrief your team on ways to ‘read’ your models to predict smooth transitions through future crises and translate performance even under rising pressure.  We will show you how to expand and re-use you systems information, company-wide, in effective and cost efficient ways to sustainably support your people and your business.

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We start where you are.

Engagement in the Productivity that drives Performance
…is everything.

Whether you are facilitating leadership practices; delivering executive development; implementing a change program;
developing a diversity initiative; transforming your organizational culture; branding your corporate vision around happiness;
designing a game room or installing napping pods…  (Okay, you get the point…)

…the primary reason you are investing in any of these activities is to engage your people more actively
in the productivity that increases performance – sustainably.

What if you just asked your people to help you model ways to help them? 

Authentum can deepen and sustain the outcomes in your existing projects:

For your Organization…

For your Individuals…

“If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, We must expect to employ methods never before attempted.”

                                                                                                        – Francis Bacon