For your business, innovation is a  process.
From your people, it is a mindset.

Companies are changing in unprecedented ways, making innovation an urgent need.  Unless you understand how your people are likely to innovate, using their authentic strengths, it can be difficult to achieve the business results, much less company-wide engagement in the process.

You’ve told us that innovation is key to maintaining your competitive advantage, and your activities are to create the business processes and to develop your people toward a proven model of innovation.

Well…  We know that understanding ‘what’ to do to innovate is only half the equation.  You need to know ‘how’ your people will innovate, using their authentic strengths, to make the process stickier and to make more of an impact in your process.  Why don’t we start there?

See [below] the Benefits of using BASIS… [with Innovation projects]

Harness Authenticity:

Drive the Momentum:

Overcome Inertia:

  • Construct likely performance models – for each individual, key relationship and team – from the unique business mindsets, including those that serve their innovation, that underpin every decision at work and frame the authentic culture at every level of your  organization 
  • Honor diverse mindsets in performance preferences that map to current innovation goals and predict the needs for the next phase of your business, timely enough for transition
  • Source and Recruit for actual gaps in authentic capabilities, including those necessary in innovative practices, to build a more diverse workforce
  • Expand learning and development to foster constructive conflict in support of authentic collaboration, which serves innovation
  • Create transformative processes and transparent communication to serve the diverse needs of your authentic workforce, including innovation practices
  • Predict how rising pressure at work will impact the decisions of individuals and teams in fostering innovation, as they stay productive
    [Mitigate crises before you reach them]
  • Show your people how to use their BASIS profiles to make 
choices, in every aspect of their work, to foster innovation, as necessary, in 
productivity, without sacrificing their own engagement