Engagement activities may actually disengage, over time.
With broad definitions in mind, implementation can become overwhelming and expensive.

Happiness?  Well-being?  Meaning?  Flourishing?  Whatever your definition, what does any leader do when people are not and productivity is at stake?  This is not a simple equation to solve, with so many individual perspectives and in ever-changing environments.  We must reframe the definition and transform its implementation.

You’ve told us that your engagement activities to are meant to increase the well-being of your people in ways that will improve business performance, sustainably.

Well…  We know the delicate balance it can be to leverage engagement and productivity.  You need to know how your people may authentically engage in productivity, now and for the future.  Let’s start there.

See [below] the Benefits of using BASIS… [with Engagement activities]

Harness Authenticity:

Drive the Momentum:

Overcome Inertia:

  • Construct likely performance models – for each individual, key relationship and team – from the unique business mindsets that underpin every decision at work and frame the authentic culture at every level of your  organization 
  • Honor diverse mindsets in performance preferences that map to current business goals and predict the needs for the next phase of your business, increasing engagement by giving ‘voice’ to every employee
  • Source and Recruit for actual gaps in authentic capabilities, to build a more diverse workforce with more sustainable engagement at work
  • Expand learning and development to foster constructive conflict in support of authentic collaboration, and in more precise response to engagement survey findings
  • Create transformative processes and transparent communication to serve the diverse needs of your authentic workforce in more meaningful ways
  • Predict how rising pressure at work will impact the decisions of individuals and teams in fostering engagement at work, as they stay productive
    [Mitigate crises before you reach them]
  • Show your people how to use their BASIS profiles to make 
choices, in every aspect of their work, to foster meaningful paths to 
productivity, without sacrificing their own engagement