Diversity is not the problem.  Authenticity is your opportunity to manage a diverse workforce.

We look at diversity through the lens of every minority, recognizing an overwhelming set of problems (most of which are outside the current control of any organization).  Attempting to solve them, even if we could, may only bring new problems to the surface.  There is one thing we know about people, though.  Any two people are diverse in some way!  If we start there, we can manage the rest of it in layers…

Harness Authenticity:

  • Recognize the authentic, business mindsets of the current workforce, individually and in teams, from a series of authentic culture models.
  • Honor the different mindsets of every employee and every team as their performance preferences are mapped to your strategic goals productivity.

Overcome Inertia, for sustainability:

  • Source and Recruit for the actual gaps in authentic capabilities, insuring that you build a more diverse workforce.
  • Expand existing development activities to broaden and build greater authentic strengths to drive your business (e.g., Complement typical collaboration workshops with deeper and more precise measures 
to support constructive conflict.)
  • Create strategic processes and transparent communication, uniquely to the diverse needs of your workforce, to support the ability for every employee to maintain their authenticity in performance.

Drive the Momentum of your Diverse Workforce:

  • Predict how rising pressure at work will impact the decisions of individuals and teams in fostering diversity, as they stay productive.  Mitigate crises before you reach them! 
  • Show your people how to use their BASIS profiles to make 
choices, in every aspect of their work, to foster diversity in 
productivity, without sacrificing their own engagement.

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