Your ideal culture – a destination that may never be reached.
Authentic culture  your peoples’ preferred paths in performance.

Culture change initiatives asking individuals to aspire to ‘become ideal’, are not enough.  It is a culture inspired by the authentic strengths of your people that is more likely to thrive – in more meaningful ways. 

You’ve told us that your culture initiatives were intended to guide your employees toward the next phase of your business, with initial buy-in as the starting point.

Well…  We know that you can’t just prescribe where you want your people to go – they want to describe how they wish to get there.  Why don’t we start where they are?

See [below] the Benefits of using BASIS…  [with Culture projects]

Harness Authenticity:

Drive the Momentum:

Overcome Inertia:

  • Construct likely performance models – for each individual, key relationship and team – from the unique business mindsets that underpin every decision at work and frame the authentic culture at every level of your  organization 
  • Honor diverse mindsets in performance preferences that map to current business goals and predict the needs for the next phase of your business, timely enough for transition
  • Source and Recruit for actual gaps in authentic capabilities, to build a more diverse workforce
  • Expand learning and development to foster constructive conflict in support of authentic collaboration
  • Create transformative processes and transparent communication, uniquely to the diverse needs of your workforce, to support the authenticity as your culture moves closer to ‘ideal’.
  • Predict how rising pressure at work will impact the decisions of individuals and teams in fostering diversity, as they stay productive
    [Mitigate crises before you reach them]
  • Show your people how to use their BASIS profiles to make choices, in every aspect of their work, to sustain a culture of achievable productivity, without sacrificing their authentic engagement.