Need a ‘Shot’ of Coaching?

Everyone Can Benefit From A ‘Shot’ Of Coaching!


As I introduce my personal coaching practice in the US, I’ve noticed that people seem to have different needs in the way coaching is offered.
When my clients’ expectations change, so must my process!


Some of my new coaching clients have come to me,
even though they have another coach…

…Others have reached out
to learn if they have what it takes to ‘do their own thing’.


When I ask what they think they need, they tell me that coaching is ‘too slow’, ‘too touchy-feely’ or ‘not enough’ — even if they like their coach.
So, I’ve created a program that I view as a ‘shot’ of coaching, designed to:


Respond to burning development questions
a quick, precise and predictive model of their performance mindsets, highlighting how their decisions at work are serving them and which have the potential to bring on crisis, especially as pressure is rising


Provide more choices to tailor the most effective coaching program
a flexible program, allowing the choice of timing and changing outcomes, in shorter, more targeted phases – without arduous, costly commitments


Complement other coaches, rather than compete with them
to work as a diagnostic linking the rest of their development outcomes precisely to their changing impact in daily performance — even if they use another coach


Similar to an MRI that helps a patient know how to pinpoint the pain and target their medical treatment plan, a short survey moves clients beyond their blind spots in performance.  Within a few calls, we can pinpoint specific decisions and actions to take (now) for the desired impact in their work and within their key working relationships. From there, the journey unfolds!


As I market this “Dynamic Performance Imaging” program widely, I would value your input on the title, my offer, and my approach.
[Download my brochure: Authentum Dynamic Performance Imaging_brochure_coaching]


Would you, or anyone you know, benefit from such a focused ‘shot’ of coaching? Do you know any coaches who would complement this approach and are looking for a unique partnership opportunity?  Contact me

About the Author:


Pamela Teagarden, Founder of Authentum™, started her career as a banker, before her post-graduate work in corporate behaviors and positive psychology gave her a front-row seat at the intersection of business and behaviors.