A Declaration of Your Independence

A Revolutionary Look at Engagement in Productivity – 

Free yourself from broad definitions of engagement
and misguided attempts to attain and sustain employee engagement in productivity.   


In the course of human events, we have reached a moment when every corporate citizen may abolish the establishment of absolute tyranny over the state of your business – in pursuit of happiness and liberty.  I am honored to invite you to sign up to receive my blog series, unveiling my new research on engagement in productivity…

As we celebrate our independence in the US, it seems like the perfect time to invite you to review my new, helpful information that results in Engaged Productivity™.  


(Drum roll, please. Step aside for the marching band to enter…..)


Free yourself from:

  • Idealized definitions of engagement that imply a company-wide utopia, with no sustainable link to business productivity
  • Engagement surveys, measuring the state of engagement, that fall short of establishing ways to fix the issues raised
  • Soft measures of employee engagement that underpin a loss of more than $300 billion, every year


Recognize new metrics, measured in a new way, that can quickly, precisely and predictively increase productivity, without sacrificing any individuals’ liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


As for me, I am really celebrating – for so many reasons.  I truly feel the freedom, After 6 years of research on the subject of engagement in productivity.  I’ve found it; a “truce” to resolve the revolution between your organization’s need for productivity and every individual’s pursuit of engagement at work.  A fair and self-evident system of business.


(cue the fireworks!)


Engaged Productivity™ encompasses revolutionary new thinking to solve the employee engagement challenge
in quick, precise and predictable ways.  

Read more, on this site, at:  ‘What is Engaged Productivity’ 

About the Author:


Pamela Teagarden, Founder of Authentum™, started her career as a banker, before her post-graduate work in corporate behaviors and positive psychology gave her a front-row seat at the intersection of business and behaviors.

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