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Our Mission:  Finding new ways the world works when people are authentic.

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New Ways

The World


When People

Are Authentic

Expresses our love of exploration.

Shows our creativity – putting pieces together differently.

Explains our presence in 3 continents, working all over the world.

Prompts our belief in work & life – working toward wellbeing.

Represents our first love, humanity.

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Our Founder:  Pamela Teagarden, MAPP

Strategic Business Advisor – Corporate Behavioral Psychology expert

“Pam is not only a brilliant Human Capitalist and Entrepreneur Developer – she embodies the highest quality of the most successful and sustainable business leaders – she loves people.  Pam has demonstrated her ability to see high promise in the simplest of paths and the simple elegant solutions in the most complex challenges.  As a business owner working in complex markets, I encourage companies seeking to build competitive advantage in a tough market or out of a disjointed team to seek Pam’s aid and help.”  

– John Chaisson, Thought Leadership Institute

“Pam has a very human approach in that every individual is clearly an equal in her eyes – no saying things just to please the boss with her.  She does whatever is necessary to help every member of the team – from the newest admin support member up through the Director – understand and feel personally supported.  She is flexible, humble, generous with her time, and always finds ways to help and contribute positive value.  Her work to merge positive psychology into business is much needed, and she is deeply thoughtful and insightful in this critical area.” 

– Craig Stanton, JD, MA, PCC,
Director & Executive Coach, Behavioral Health Unit
Federal Occupational Health Program Support Center

“Pam has a wonderful presence and authenticity, and like we do, has a desire to be an agent of change for the world.”

– Peter Lawrence, Performance Consultant
Big Blue Stuff, UK

Pam serves on the Wall Street Journal Task Force on Women in the Economy and as faculty to the Global Thought Leadership Institute for Talent Acquisition.  She co-organized Corpus Operis, a global, cross-disciplinary community to study innovative workforces and serves as Executive Director on the Board of the Soluna Institute for next-level diversity practices.

She has lived in Nizhneyvartovsk, Moscow, London, Beijing, New York City, Washington DC, Dallas and St. Louis.

Pam is a consultant, coach, published author, widely read blogger and sought-after keynote speaker.

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Pam works at the intersection of business and psychology, seeing the business drivers in behavior measurement and using them to ensure organizations get real results. Starting her career as a banker, and with the addition of post graduate studies in corporate behavioral psychology, she developed a ROI for people practices. She is certified in over 35 psychometric tools, partnering this with expert selection and use. She is recognized for making sense of data, marrying authentic behavioral strengths with good strategy, and communicating information in a simple, meaningful way.

In organizations of all sizes, the cultural information she gathers and communicates to her organizational clients gives them a true sense of the way forward to success in their strategy, who to recruit, what learning is necessary and the systems that can be created, all built around the personal strengths of their people, creating an ‘Authentic Organization’, with new measures of Engaged Productivity.

For equity funders and entrepreneurs, Pam sits beside the leadership team or founders to create a blueprint of the culture that will give measurable competitive advantage, through their people.  This provides a way forward through crisis for an entrepreneur and/or a translatable piece of behavioral due diligence to the strategy for the funding opportunity through to exit.  It gives predictive information, including the ROI that can be attributed to the people in the investment.